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Help us raise $6,000 to purchase 15 computers for the Novovolynsk Electromechanical College in Ukraine to ensure students can continue their studies during this time of war. 


Julie Kiernan, co-founder of Stone & Compass and Associate Professor at Salem State University, interviewed Dzikovska Yuliya Mykolayivna, Senior Teacher and specialist of the highest category at Novovolynsk Electromechanical College in Ukrainian, to discuss the affects of the Ukrainian war on the college and students.

Julie Kiernan

Dzikovska Yuliya Mykolayivna

Tell us a bit about the university that you work for?

Our college was founded in 1958 as Novovolynsk Mining Technical School, now it is the State Higher Educational Establishment “Novovolynskiy Electromechanical College”, which has such specialties: Computer Engineering, Applied Mechanics, Power Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Electromechanics (4 years) and Entrepreneurship, Trade and Exchange (3 years). For the whole time Novovolynskiy Electromechanical College has trained about 20,000 specialists. Every year we teach more than 500 students in all courses. We always try to keep up with the times.

How is the war affecting your ability to continue to educate your students?

The war has forced us to slow down, and public funds are now focused on supporting the army. We have a classroom which is currently being renovated and then we need to buy computer equipment. Under the current conditions, we will not be able to do it ourselves.

In general, the number of students has increased since the beginning of quarantine. We expect another growth because of refugees. Our relatively small town is home to about 7,000 refugees who now officially live here. About 80 of them are in the dormitories of our college. We live in the most western part of Ukraine where it is relatively calm, so we hope that we can offer education to all these people next academic year.

It is very important to keep the students academically engaged at this complicated time so they do not leave Ukraine for training. And we have to do everything we can. Our country cannot lose its next generation because of leaving to get education somewhere. And for this they need to be given decent conditions. We really want to start the new educational year in an updated classroom with these computers for students to use.

Thank you for talking with us. We look forward to helping your university and students at this difficult time.

We will be sincerely grateful if you agree to help us. We are developing, we are trying, we are striving for the best, we are actively working, please support us in this. Thanks to your efforts, we hope for a quality education for the new generation of students.

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Support Novovolynsk Electromechanical College

Help Stone & Compass purchase 15 computers and setup a classroom for Novovolynsk Electromechanical College in Ukraine to assist university students in continuing their studies during this time of war.

Our fundraising goal is $6,000.  This will help us purchase 15 refurbished computers at $400 each.

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