Shadow Puppet Leather Keychain- Various Designs


Mr. Nab Rin and Sreyroth Rin | Cambodia

These leather keychains were carved by Mr. Nab Rin and his daughter Sreyroth Rin. The pair carve and sell leather shadow puppets and these mini versions at their stalls in the Siem Reap Night Market.

The designs carved into these keychains typically represent key symbols and motifs in Cambodian culture such as flowers, animals, and flames. These common motifs are referred to as kbach Khmer, which means “Khmer designs”. They usually appear in larger puppets as part of the background. Some less common keychain designs are those from the Reamker story, the Khmer version of the Indian epic Ramayana. These include the carvings of Preah Ream and Hanuman.

Although the keychains are small, they are still quite difficult to make because of the amount of intricate detail that goes into them.

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Flower 1, Flower 2, Flower 3, Flower 4, Flower 5, Flower 6, Hanuman, Preah Ream, Flame 1, Flame 2, Bird


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