Monarch Project

Restoring the monarch butterfly habitat
monarch with wings spread
Decline of the eastern monarch population between 1996 and 2019
Purple milkweed
Purple milkweed is a perennial wildflower and monarch butterfly host plant

Project & Partners

Marblehead Monarch "Host" Family Project

Help support the monarch butterfly population in the Marblehead, MA area by signing up to become a monarch “host family”.  As a host family…

  • You will receive a butterfly bush and milkweed plant
  • Stone & Compass interns and the Rotary Interact Club will come by in May to plant the butterfly saving plants in your yard
  • You must live in Marblehead, Massachusetts

We have 100 host families slots available for signup will receive their two plants and installation for free*.

Sign Ups Closed


*Plants have been generously donated by the Marblehead Rotary Club.  This project is in partnership with Stone & Compass Interns, Rotary Interact Club, and Rotary.

Monach on a milkweed and butterfly bush

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