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Gena and João Pinheiro, owners of The Farm

In just 12 months our interns fabricated a service learning trip to the Azores, a small archipelago off the coast of Portugal. The trip is centered around a local couple named Gena and Joáo Pinheiro who own a small dairy farm known quite simply as The Farm.

In collaboration with The Farm, we have plans to introduce new sustainable farming methods that will benefit both the Azorean community and the environment. Simultaneously, we are connecting the Azores with Green Go Solar, a company that recycles cosmetically defective solar panels from the waste stream of the solar industry. Through these endeavors we address several of the United Nations sustainable development goals.

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    Lily Finnegan


    Lily is currently a junior at Marblehead high School where she enjoys playing field hockey, tennis and is a member of the ski team. Lily traveled to Bulgaria in 2019 and became an intern after this trip. She is passionate about learning and growing with stone and compass!!

    Eila Sullivan


    Eila is a rising senior at Marblehead High School and this her second year as a Stone & Compass Intern. So far, Eila has traveled to Bulgaria once and has visited the United Nations twice, the second time as a youth speaker at a forum. In school, Eila plays soccer and will be a spring track captain in the upcoming season. Currently, she is working on developing the Global Artisan Market and updating the Stone & Compass website.

    Carter Murray


    Carter is senior at Marblehead High School. As an intern, she has enjoyed helping Stone & Compass build the future through sustainable projects around the world. To her, the most exciting part about this opportunity is being able to travel abroad while simultaneously helping others in need. Carter has developed a Service Learning trip to the Azores launching in 2020 and will travel to Bulgaria for a second time this summer.

    Hana Feingold


    Hana is a senior at Marblehead High School where she runs track during the winter and spring seasons. She has been an intern for Stone and Compass since 2018, after traveling to Bulgaria for the first time that summer. Hana has traveled to Bulgaria twice and works closely in the Azores where she is helping to implement sustainable farming techniques and renewable sources of energy. Hana has been to the United Nations three times, one of which was to speak at an S&C forum titled “Stone & Compass, How the Sustainable Development Goals can Create Unlimited Opportunity.” Hana hopes to utilize international connections and ecotourism to promote the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.