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Serbian, Bosnian, Croatian

The Project

Through a five-year long partnership with a group of young women in Bosnia & Herzegovina, we have contributed to and observed the development of Arheon BiH. In collaboration with these stakeholders, we are building a tourism stream to the country to generate revenue. These profits will be redirected to create new business & job opportunities for local youth.

In further assistance to local youth, we are working on a project to connect youth globally, specifically in regards to our youth internship in the United States.

Arheon BiH is a cultural preservation organization that works with government entities to preserve monuments and historical sites within Bosnia & Herzegovina. Stone & Compass has provided both monetary donations to Archeon as well as support to make cross cultural connections with other NGO organizations in the Balkans.

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Bridget Larkin


Bridget is currently a junior at Marblehead High School. She enjoys Marblehead’s art programs and is involved in clubs such as Marblehead Interact, Exchange Students and Friends, Jefferson Forum, and Best Buddies! She fell in love with Bulgaria on her first trip and decided to return the next year! Ever since she has been eager to learn about the rest of the world. She has hosted exchange students from Thailand, Bolivia, and now Germany. She has now been to Bulgaria twice and is very excited to be working on the Serbia trip and the Bosnia trip. Her favorite part about being an intern is being able to learn about new cultures and meet amazing people!

Eila Sullivan


Eila is a rising senior at Marblehead High School and this her second year as a Stone & Compass Intern. So far, Eila has traveled to Bulgaria once and has visited the United Nations twice, the second time as a youth speaker at a forum. In school, Eila plays soccer and will be a spring track captain in the upcoming season. Currently, she is working on developing the Global Artisan Market and updating the Stone & Compass website.