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Elisha Buba & Rob Goodwin

Working with local stakeholders, we are embarking on an ambitious project to help build a museum that will protect valuable artifacts of the NOK ancient culture while simultaneously helping to educate people about the culture and traditions of the NOK. We are creating a book on this unique culture that will be used to generate profit for educational programs.

We are dedicated to working with local government officials and stakeholders to help build and support a Peace & Reconciliation Center. This center will play a central role in helping people overcome differences in Northern Nigeria.

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Alexis Gallotto


Alexis is a freshman at Simmons University, where she is majoring in Nursing. She has recently started her internship with Stone and Compass after traveling to Bulgaria in July 2019. Alexis is excited to go to the Azores in the upcoming year and to continue traveling with the group for many years to come. Currently, Alexis is working with a few other interns on their project for Nigeria and they will go to the UN to discuss their work in the near future.